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Origional art should be accesable to more people don't you think?

Collector Art sure thinks so.  For 3 years now they have been hosting local artists in their studio at accessable prices.

Their artists rotate regularly, so you should head down now so you don't miss whats in house before its gone.  
They are now in two locations:  
The San Francisco International Airport and 
2950 College Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705

Neighborhoods: Elmwood
YELP REVIEWS:This is one of my favorite small galleries and art/retail shops in the Bay Area. Everything is so well-curated, but the owners are also very open to all kinds of styles and mediums. I'm thrilled to be participating in their next art showing.

They focus on selling affordable, original art under $1K, which I can really appreciate as an emerging artist (I've seen way too many ego-manic price tags on work that really just doesn't warrant the $$$). They also house a ton of adorable, high-quality prints, greeting cards, and other fun ephemera. The owners are really friendly, too!
Web Marketing & Social Media Workshop 4 part Series
Free to all Berkeley Merchants
Workshop 2: Date to be announced
Location to be announced