Support our Organization and Take Advantage of Our Benefits by becoming a Member!
Annual membership in Buy Local Berkeley more than pays for itself- through our partnership discounts with media partners,
membership materials, promotion through our
social media channels and more! 


Buy Local Berkeley Membership Benefits
Get the most out of being a Berkeley local independent business - Join at
one of our three membership
levels and begin taking advantage of your benefits! 

$50 Annual Basic Business Membership

Instantly Connect with Local Social Media Audience across Platforms:

  • With a single post in our web portal you can share specials, events, and announcements about your business automatically across platforms - Facebook, Twitter,, and the East Bay Express Indie Biz Directory at
  • Plus, we amplify your social media presence by promoting your postings through Facebook ads and also post our own announcements about member business events, promotions and other news.
  • With 15 members from a commercial area, get extra promotion through social media and a District Splash Page on our website.  Check out the West Berkeley Design Loop Splash Page on our site as an example!
Make Your Independent Status
Known in the Community:
  • People in Berkeley love knowing that they are shopping at local, independent businesses.  Let your Local Flag Fly with our window decals, posters, and Buy Local Berkeley logo to use in your print and on-line promotional materials.
  • Personalize your business listing on the Buy Local Berkeley website with a web link to your own site, store hours, product lines and specialties, etc.
  • As a Buy Local Berkeley member, your listing also appears automatically in the East Bay Express online Indie Biz Directory.
  • Opportunity to place marketing materials at Buy Local Berkeley booths at community events throughout the year.
  • Get Invitations and discounts to Buy Local Berkeley mixers, speaker events, and workshops.
  • Buy Local Berkleley logo included on your print coupon with Chinook Book for free.

    Get Advertising Discounts with our Media Partners:
    East Bay Express: As much as $600 in discounts for ads on the “Think Indie Page”
    -1x/yr - $200 per insertion Non-member price: $300.
    -4x/yr - $600 ($150 per insertion) Non-member price: $900.
    -12x/yr - $1200 ($100 per insertion) Nnon-member price: $1800.

    Chinook Book: $50 off your next paid placement with Chinook Book and a free mobile coupon in the Chinook Book Mobile App for 3 months valued at $150.
$200 Annual Local Leader Membership
To get the most from Buy Local Berkeley, consider our Local Leader membership level.  This gets you all
of the above, plus lots more
promotion for your business!
  • Members Spotlight: feature in our member spotlight article on the Buy Local Berkeley website and in our e-newsletter
  • More frequent tweets and Facebook postings about your business written by BLB staff
  • Rotation for a month in our online ads on the East Bay Express and Berkeleyside
  • Opportunity to participate in co-branded group ads in the East Bay Express and Berkeleyside (Buy Local Berkeley and your business).
  • Opportunity to host a Buy Local Berkeley event at your establishment supported by significant publicity outreach by Buy Local Berkeley.
$500-1,000 Annual Sponsorship Membership
Buy Local Berkeley Sponsor Members (memberships at this level also available for in-kind services) receive all of the benefits above, plus:
  • Logo placement on website homepage and social media as a Sponsor
  • Recognition as a sponor at meetings and events with marketing exposure and pubicity
  • Banner placement and marketing materials at public events and booths.

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