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Place your Lulav & Etrog Orders
Lulav & Etrog Orders Set includes Lulav, Etrog, Hadassah & Myrtle These are the Four Species that we wave in the Sukkah to bring blessing to our homes, our community and to our world. You can take your time picking out the perfect Etrog or allow us to select one for you. Reserve your set for Sukkot Available for Pick-Up ONLY $62.00 Sukkot Holiday Begins Wednesday Night October 4 Sets available for Pick-up beginning Sunday October 1 (the day after Yom Kippor)
Harvest Day Celebration and Honey Tasting!
Come taste honey, kombucha, & different fermented vegetables! Take a free urban farming workshop, & vote on the best East Bay honey! Kids welcome. Get inspiration to start (or expand!) your backyard urban farm by attending one of our free demos or workshops: 11am - Planting Your Fall/Winter Edible Garden by Stefani Bittner, Homestead Garden Collective Noon - How to Raise Baby Chicks Whether you are new to chickens or want to add to your flock, learn the basics of raising baby chicks in a brooder. 1pm - Herbs for Stress and Anxiety Come learn about common herbs that will help to support your nervous system and calm stress and anxiety. You will also have an opportunity to try some soothing tinctures and teas with Finn Oakes of Steadfast Herbs. 2pm - Apitherapy Learn how bee venom can help inflammatory and auto-immune conditions and how you can self-treat by stinging yourself. by Dr. Jennifer Lanett, Chiropractor​ 3pm - What You Need to Start a Beehive in Your Backyard with BioFuel Oasis worker-owner Jennifer Radtke. Attend this short intro workshop to beekeeping! 4pm - How to Ferment Veggies/Make Kraut by Phat Beetz Youth Pickle Co.