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Berkeley Community Media

Have you ever wanted to be the star of the show?  Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Make a youtube video?

You can do all of that and more at very low rates in a welcoming and nurturing environment.  Berkeley community media will teach you the ins and outs of creating videos, editing, and so much more.
This little piggie stayed home! Le Petit Cochon now on Eat24
Ask and you shall receive! Our customers wanted more ways to get our food without fighting for a seat.  Behold!  Eat24 pickup, so you can come down the stairs in your pjs. We support you. And when you're done, you can show us some love on our Yelp page.  Questions/comments/things you'd love to see? 
Linda Stonestreet & BC Cliver Sunday May 1st 11am-1pm Brunch
Join us for two amazing Women singer/Songwriters, and enjoy a yummy reasonably priced brunch!!!!!!! Linda Stonestreet   A long-time Civil Servant, Songwriter and Shaman, Linda Stonestreet is now an emerging musician. She considers the context of music in our culture not just ‘entertainment’ but carries the radical notion that music itself actually is the most vital source of nourishment, connectivity and wholeness that exists here in our time.   In her words; “It’s the only thread left which allows us access to our ‘million-year old selves’ and truly connects us to the experience of beauty, power and devotion contained in our hearts.”   B.C Cliver   B.C. Cliver is an intriguing musical anomaly living in San Francisco, CA. A vocalist, guitarist, and arranger, she combines modern hard rock and metal sensibilities with a classical music background.    
Bring the whole family to our 13th Annual Family (Free!) Fun Festival right next to the farmers’ market and One block from Downtown Berkeley BART. Games, dancing, and hands-on FUN for all ages. Activities include: 2 Bouncy Houses Zumba Obstacle Course Skateboarding Contest Hula Hoop Contests Strawberry Walk Puppet Making with East Bay Depot for Creative ReUse Create-With-Nature Zone with Environmental Artist Zach Pine Storytime with Berkeley Public Library Berkeley Public Bike Library (All ages, environmentally-themed library) Hands-on Plant Art with UC Botanical Garden UAVs @ Cal (build a drone!) Family Friendly Science with Science@Cal and Community Resources for Science Hoop Dancing Co-sponsored by Science @ Cal, Downtown Berkeley YMCA, the City of Berkeley, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Dept., and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).
Summer Fruit Tree Pruning Class
This class will teach you how to follow up on your winter pruning and to prune for less reactive growth then you might get from winter pruning. In a large Berkeley garden with over 20 different fruit trees to practice on, we will cover which varieties do well in the area, purchasing good trees, pruning in youth, on-going pruning, and natural approaches to common disease and insect issues. Our goal will be to gain confidence in our ability to take care of productive, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing trees. The class will be tailored to the interests of the participants, and we will cover as many types of trees as we have time and interest in. These could include: pears, apples, apricots, plums, citrus, persimmons, figs, asian pears, cherries, peaches, and mulberries. Instructor: Sequoiah Wachenheim started tending vegetables in the Bay Area at age 6 and hasn’t stopped yet! She has been sole proprietor of Earthly Arts, a consulting landscape design business for the last 15 years, and is extremely passionate about growing her own food. Cost: $40 Location: Backyard in Berkeley, address will be given out to class particicpants.
ART FOR PRAYER AND PEACE: A BRIDGE TO ONENESS with Aimee Golant Sunday, June 26 3:00 - 4:00pm Aimee Golant will be speaking about an amazing project she is in the midst of creating called Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness. This interactive and evocative exhibit has, according to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the "potential for contributing to religious harmony and peace."    Aimee was inspired by her experience, through travel and study, of the universality of diverse religious concepts. This universality is found in shared symbols, imagery and sound.Aimee embarked on a journey to express these shared links and commonality between religions and cultures through art and ritual objects.    She will discuss her greater vision for the ritual objects that honor this connection. Some of the pieces from the collection will be on display at the event, including the Torah and it's 'Oneness' accouterments. Art for Prayer and Peace is endorsed by both His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis.    Come learn about this amazing project as it unfolds   Aimee Golant Foundation of Peace: Aimee's Artistic Beginning  
FREE Classes and Events All Week Begins with Sylvia Gretchen
Nyingma Institute Presents: LIVING AND AGING WELL Free Events Celebrating the Nyingma Institute 43rd Anniversary Classes: Monday to Friday, September 28–October 2, 7–7:45 PM & 8–9 PM Workshop: Saturday, October 3, 10–AM–4:45 PM Open House: Sunday, October 4, 3–4:30 PM Special talk: Sunday, October 4, 6–7 PM The Institute was founded by Tibetan master and visionary Tarthang Tulku in September of 1972. We are celebrating this anniversary with a series of free events which include a week of classes, a Saturday workshop, and a Sunday open house and talk to which our students, supporters, and the general public are invited. The focus of the series is on how we grow, and grow old, in ways that increase well-being and continue to reveal value and meaning. In particular, we look at how we can carry the benefits of meditation and other teachings that the Nyingma Institute is well-known for with us as we age, even as we pass from this life. These events and classes are free and open to the public.   Monday, September 28: 7–7:45 PM: “Living (Well) with Impermanence” with Sylvia Gretchen Coming to terms with impermanence is much more than an acceptance of change, illness, old age, and death. It is the full engagement with this moment of time and taking full responsibility for who we are right now. This is the only moment when we can change-neither the future nor the past are available to us: thinking that we will make positive changes in the future is just wishful thinking. Now is the time to honestly look at who we are. Through fully understanding impermanence we gain the knowledge and power to take full responsibility for our lives. 8–9 PM: “Maintaining the Loving Heart” with Olivia Hurd The attitudes that we form now (positive or negative) go with us as we age, often becoming more fixed and inflexible in our older years. This class presents classic Buddhist meditations that help us maintain a loving heart and compassionate wishes toward others through subtle shifts in attitudes and thoughts. Developing these positive habits of mind enriches the very fabric of our inner experience, creating a basis for constructive engagement with others.   Tuesday, September 29: 7–7:45 PM: “Breath and Awareness Practice” with Mark Henderson Breathing practices can awaken joyful, positive feelings even when we are unable to get around easily. Coupled with awareness practices they can ease discomfort, sustaining a sense of well-being and ease. 8–9 PM: “Making the Most of Transitions” with Barr Rosenberg The transitions we face as we age can be times of great sadness, but they can also be appreciated and even welcomed as opportunities for progress on the spiritual path. This class explores how transitions rend the armor of illusory self-images, helping us discern our true nature.   Wednesday, September 30: 7–7:45 PM: “Tibetan Yoga for Every Age” with Jack van der Meulen We focus on Tibetan Yoga practices that can be performed even when movement is limited. 8–9 PM: “Healing Time” with Ken McKeon When we dive into time itself, pain loses its sharpness. Time, Space, and Knowledge practices provide the means for deep healing.   Thursday, October 1: 7–7:45 PM: “Meditations for the Time of Death” with Sylvia Gretchen Classic Buddhist meditations that help reduce fear and prepare for the time of death. 8–9 PM: “Finding Serenity in the Midst of Change” with Hugh Joswick Challenge yourself to bring the meditation mind into mildly difficult situations such as an unexpected change in plans. Later, with practice, the serenity of meditation can be channeled into even the most difficult changes.   Friday, October 2: 7–7:45 PM: “Techniques for Managing Pain” with Santosh Philip & Olivia Hurd Practices from Nyingma Psychology and Tibetan Yoga help us manage chronic and acute pain. 8–9 PM: “Releasing Stress” with Santosh Philip Many stresses arise as we age, including grief and inevitable loss. This class presents techniques that relieve stress, allowing us to respond to difficulties with less anxiety and fear.   Saturday, October 3: 10 AM–4:45 PM: “Healing through Sound” Workshop “If you are very silent and alert, you may hear a beautiful, soft music in your body-a sort of silent music between thoughts.” Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind. There is an art of deep listening that hears all sounds as music and recognizes a vast healing silence at the very heart of all sound. This workshop blends music, mantra, and silence to awaken the healing power of sound. Instructors: Nyingma Institute faculty. (Prior registration required for this workshop.)   Sunday, October 4: 3–4:30 PM: Open House Learn about the history and teachings at the Nyingma Institute, tour its grounds, and meet faculty and staff members. 6-7 PM: Talk on “Transitions as Teachers” with Sylvia Gretchen Tibetan Buddhists have developed many powerful practices to help us during times of transitions, including the time of death. All of them are alike in recognizing the immense power of our mind-thoughts, attitudes, and openness-to shape experience. The co-dean of the Nyingma Institute, Sylvia Gretchen, will discuss how these practices can become part of a lifelong training and cultivation. In short, dying well results from living well. Contact the Nyingma Institute by email at; call (510) 809–1000.
$10 off 1hr or 1.5hr massage/acupuncture on M-F before 3pm
 Come for an earlier hour session on any weekday and  feel renewed for the rest of the day   Call: 510-845-2341 for an appointment   Berkeley Massage & Acupuncture 1533 Shattuck Ave