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KCC Modern Living Furniture on University Ave
Art Show & Sale at SGG
Wanda & Suzanne create colorful, charming stained glass mosaics using a traditional approach, but also adding depth and intrigue with the use of mixed media. Join us on Friday, February 10th 5-7pm. Talk with the artists, and enjoy free refreshments & sales in the store. .
Fast Mead Making
While traditional meads take a year (or more) to age and be drinkable, there is rising interest in making meads that are reliably drinkable within a few months and that will be our focus. Lower alcohol meads are drinkable in a couple of weeks. These meads allow you to experiment without having to wait. Jim will guide you through a participatory demonstration of mead-making. You will learn about what equipment you need, how to prepare must (unfermented mead), what flavors work well together, fermentation, sanitation, and bottling. There will be a tasting of some of Jim’s meads along the way. Instructor: Jim Veitch is a Berkeley beekeeper who has been making fast mead for the last 2 years and experimenting with different delicious recipes, including ginger, galangal, dry wine mead, and more. Fast Mead Making Sunday, February 12th, 2-5pm Location: Sticky Art Lab, 1682 University Ave (at McGee), Berkeley Cost: $40 class Optional: additional $30 materials fee (covering honey, airlock, 1-gallon glass carboy) to take fermenting mead home = $70 total
Fresh Irving's Challah Fridays 10am - 2pm at Afikomen
Fresh Irving's Challah is for sale at Afikomen Judaica every Friday from 10:00am 'til 2:00pm. Bring home a delicious braided loaf or a bag of rolls for Shabbat (tastes great toasted for your Sunday breakfast too - if there's any left) Shabbat Shalom!