The Potters' Studio
(510) 528 - 3286
637 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California 94710
The Potters' Studio Gallery is a great place to purchase local, handmade pottery and sculpture. The gallery features 12 artisans, and has many special events throughout the year. Visit our website for current event listings. The Potters' Studio is a one-of-a-kind ceramics center offering pottery classes; extensive open studio time; memberships, including 24/7 access; regular high-quality weekly firings; a gallery; and much more. If you're a beginning potter, it's a great place to learn, and if you're a more experienced ceramics artist looking for a place to just do your own thing -- and even do your own firings, both electric and gas -- this is the place! We've been a part of the Bay Area pottery and ceramics community for over 40 years. A staff member is on hand during the week to accept pieces for contract firings in our kilns. We're located just off the University Ave. exit on Interstate 80, near the Fourth St. shopping district. Equipment and facilities: - 13 pottery wheels (11 electric and 2 kick wheels) - 2 slab rollers - Extruder - 6 electric kilns - 5 gas kilns (including raku and soda kilns) - Glaze mixing equipment - Spray booth - Grinder - Ball mill - Big work tables - Private studio spaces for rent (subject to availability)