Helly Welly Lighting
(510) 841 - 1565
1649 Dwight Way, Berkeley, California 94703
Helly Welly Lamps are designed and crafted using handmade papers of natural fibers from around the world. All designs meet UL Standards for safety. Helly Welly offers table and floor lamps, wall sconces, ceiling lamps, shades and pendants, and custom shades, all for both residential and commercial spaces. Helly Welly Lamps have been described in L.A. Style Magazine as "The Jetsons Meet Noguchi". Fine Furniture International Spring 2004 says of Helen Holt the creator of Helly Welly Lamps, "Lighting becomes exciting... turn on the light with Helen Holt's voluptuous Morning Glory standing lamp, in purple and deep red handmade paper." Some designs are based on the human figure, and other suggest familiar objects such as drums, tee pees, buildings, and bbq pits. Also, The Garden of DeLights, constructed from garden fencing, tomato cages, and other wire topiary forms, and strands of beautiful flower lights. Look out for Camp Lamps, shades made especially for the outdoors, to fit onto lanterns and flashlights.