The Redwood Clinic
(510) 849 - 1176
3021 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California 94705
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Superior acupuncture and natural medicine clinic with 30+ years experience. Worker's compensation and injury treatment, car accidents, hormone problems, brain and memory issues, peripheral neuropathy, children's illnesses, infertility, and other problems are our expertise. We help you reach your goals, have more fun in life, create deeper and warmer relationships, and teach you information to stay healthier and be wealthier. Check our websites ( and ( for more in-depth information about what we treat. We also have company and individual wellness programs to suit all budgets. Take the Natural Path to Optimal Health at The Redwood Clinic. View our educational videos online at youtube. Call 510-849-1176 to speak with our health care professionals. We also do lectures on natural medicine in the community -- call us about how we could help your organization learn more about children and drugs, how to save your family, menopause, PCOS, diabetes, weight loss, addictions, smoking cessation programs, and others.