Studio 1509
(510) 390 - 2832
1509 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California 94702
My work and aesthetic derive in large part from my heritage — North African — and my formative cultural experience growing up in Italy. I start my prints by traveling into history, memory and imagination. I am interested in patterns and boundaries, both physical and cultural. What happens when you get near? What crosses over, what is connected and what is repeated? I hope to reflect transitions and overlapping experiences that give form to the contemporary world and shape our experiences. I use a variety of printmaking methods to connect and assimilate a progression of ideas. I use visceral properties of paint and the power of color to convey the drama of emotions. As the layers change and become more complex, history and memory become part of the conversation. The visual language is primordial, melodic, baroque and industrial. Member of California Society of Printmakers