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Located in North Berkeley, ClosetKarma provides personal consignment services for women's clothing and accessories. Buyers purchase via my online store, or locally through shopping by appointment or custom private events. Consignment services include personal consultation, product research, photography, webstore listing, marketing, sales and all related customer service. Since its launch in 2014, thousands of buyers have purchased from ClosetKarma's online store and local sales. My webstore currently features a small but growing collection of an inventory of over 3,000 pieces. Consignment of women's clothing and accessories is ideal. Many women experience changes in lifestyle related to family and employment. As a result, we frequently own wardrobes which no longer suit our needs. If you feel burdened by what's in your closet instead of enjoying it, I can help you let go, share your style with others, and turn those items into cash. Why trudge to the local consignment shop when I bring the service to you? Operated from my home studio, ClosetKarma offers selling clients a greater return than the average consignment shop with retail overhead. Lots of people post items online for sale...why choose ClosetKarma? Here's what I have to offer: -over a decade of experience in online sales -multiple avenues for sales locally through shopping by appointment, small gatherings and special events -a large mailing list of customers used for promotion and repeat sales -a professional photography studio and display -the highest standards of presentation, promotion and customer service, proven by 100% positive feedback from ClosetKarma's online buyers -A hassle-free, time-saving service, which includes my visit for consultation, product research and pricing, detailed documentation, photography, sales, shipping and other related customer service, marketing, and client payment by check or Paypal I love what I do, and believe this translates into an enjoyable and satisfactory experience for sellers and buyers. To me, this is not just about shopping. Letting go feels good. Your support benefits a small, homegrown, woman owned and operated business. Furthermore, it benefits my selling clients: hardworking, professional women such as yourself. Local gatherings are fun, festive, and provide time for reconnecting when many of us are so over-scheduled we forget the importance of community. For more information including consignment policies, client reviews, and accepted labels, please visit Thank you for your interest and I wish you good ClosetKarma!